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Simple chat application created as a way to learn websockets, TypeScript, and React. Server is written in TypeScript and uses Express for routing. Client is written in JavaScript and uses React for the frontend, while the API library is written in TypeScript. Uses WebSockets for all communication. I decided to use these technologies out of simplicity. I personally wrote all the code for the entire stack, authentication, socket, etc.
Links: GitHub

VEX Robotics Competition

Aug 2019-May 2023

I was a member of the Steel Eagles Robotics (7701) club for 4 years during high school. We competed in the VEX Robotics Competition for 4 years as a programmer and designer. My team worked hard in the incredibly difficult Indiana region and managed to qualify for the State Championship in 2023 and fell just short of qualifying for the World Championship.
Links: GitHub, RobotEvents



Prototype datastore that takes in strings as arrays, stored in a json file. The keystore takes the string that the programmer inputs and stores it in a separate keystore JSON object with the location of the data in the data array, then stores that in another file.
Links: GitHub



Firefox/Chrome extension that displays the currently viewed website in Discord. I was the sole developer of this project.

Links: GitHub


Jan 2017-Dec 2019

I was the founder/member of a small software development team that created a Discord bots for a variety of purposes.
Links: None, project was abandoned.